One thing we get asked all the time is, if one has a small kitchen, can MamaBake still happen?  (Oh and if you’re not sure how to MamaBake in the first place, please go here for a minute).

Can Mama still get free time and enjoy the benefits of MamaBaking?

We say:  “Sure you can!”

Despite what it looks like (masses of people cooking at the same time and lots of equipment needed), you don’t need a huge kitchen in which to MamaBake. At all!


1. Rotate!

What we’ve found is that women need the stove top/oven/workbench at different times so overall it has always worked out. If you’re really concerned, you could do a quick email-round before the session asking Mamas what they are cooking and what they will need and when. That way you can rotate who works where, when.

2.  No Cooking Needed?

You might also find that some women are preparing raw dishes e.g. Vietnamese Spring Rolls for example that don’t need any cooking so will need some table/work bench space only.

3. Pre-Prepare?

You could also ask some of the women if they might like to come with a pre-prepared meal so they don’t need to cook at the time. We’ve found that this can often be easier for some mothers anyway.

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the stories of other MamaBake groups across Australia and the world, here.

Does this help answer your question?  If not, ask away!  Do you have other questions about how MamaBake works?  Ask us in the comments below. x

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