By Karen Swan

Riveting reading this is not, but I did want to share with you exactly what I’m starting with.  Not only so you know I’m really doing the challenge, but so you can see just how easy it is to accumulate far more stuff than you need.  I also want to share because I’m a little embarrassed at how much I have and, if you’re looking at a pantry similar to mine, I don’t want you to feel that you’re the only one.

So, here’s my list.  I definitely have a well stocked pantry and the words “I’ve got nothing to cook!” should never be uttered again!

mamabake Lean Larder Challenge - after

Tins, Pasta, Noodles

4 x tins tomatoes     3 x tins chic peas     1 x tin cannelini beans     1 x tin kidney beans   2 x small cans red salmon     2 x bottles passatta     2 x tins Greek bean soup   3 x open boxes of GF lasagne sheets

3 x tins coconut milk     2 x tins coconut cream     2 x tins condensed milk     1 x tin evaporated milk     2 x pks udon noodles     1 open pack Nori sheets     1 open pack rice paper     1 open bag rice vermicelli     1 pack GF pad Thai noodles     1 jar organic wholegrain mustard.

Nuts, Seeds, Spreads, Snacks

2 x open packs popping corn     1 box currants     1 box raisins     1 x 6 pack of sultanas     pistachios     cashews     walnuts     pecans     almonds  pepitas     sunflower seeds     dried cranberries     dry dates     black chia seeds     white chia seeds     cacao nibs     raw organic nori chips     2 x open jars of almond butter     1 x open jar cashew butter     2 x 100g blocks chocolate     1.5 litres honey (bought in bulk)     GF wraps     GF Cocoa Pops     Yoghurt covered rice cake snacks. 2 x tins sardines in oil

Baking Supplies (not including flour and sugar)

Cacao powder     coconut butter     coconut oil     organic rice syrup   organic vanilla powder     golden syrup     molasses     2 x open jars glucose     Lemon Essence     Coconut Essence     Almond Essence     Peppermint Essence     Tartaric acid     cream of tartar     baking soda     baking powder     Arrowroot     Whole vanilla beans     glace ginger     Hoppers Sprinkles x 3 flavours     100g dark chocolate     dessicated coconut     shredded coconut     xantham gum  packet of assorted natural food dyes


Plain GF flour     Buckwheat flour     potato flour     spelt flour     rice flour     brown rice flour     coconut flour     psyllium husks     GF breadcrumbs


3 x bags icing sugar     dark brown sugar     brown sugar     caster sugar     golden caster sugar     Big jar Stevia     Big bag Xylitol

Rice & Beans

Briyani Rice blend     1.5 bags sushi rice     2 jars homemade dry falafel mix     wild rice     brown rice     basmati rice     yellow split peas     red lentils     brown lentils     puy lentils     soup mix     dry chic peas     sea salt     Quinoa    quinoa flakes     Big jar of salt for playdough.

Spices:  bottles and packets

Mixed spice     garam masala     cumin x 2 bottles and 1 packet     ginger x 1 bottle and 1 packet     Ground cardamom     ground coriander     tarragon     cinnamon     thyme     ground cloves x 2 bottles   Sumac     chili flakes     Whole cloves x one bottle and 1 pack    saffron threads     mustard powder     Cinnamon sticks     poppy seeds     Cardamom pods    peppercorns     tumeric     star anise     sesame seeds     Chicken stock liquid 1 litre     vegetable stock liquid 1 litre     powder vegetable stock     Herbamare   Trocomare     white pepper     curry powder     Korma mix

Oils, Vinegars, Sauces

Rice wine vinegar     white wine vinegar     Apple Cider vinegar     balsamic vinegar     red wine vinegar     Vegetable oil     macadamia oil     grapeseed oil     peanut oil     rice bran oil     rosewater     orange flower water     pomegranate molasses     sushi seasoning     GF soy sauce     GF worcestershire sauce     GF green tomato pickle   Tomato paste.

mamabake Lean Larder Challenge - after

Phew!  That’s a lot!  Then again, I do cook a lot.  I am coeliac so need to have a variety of flours AND I like knowing I’ve got a cupboard full of food!  Is that a safety mechanism?  A slight hoarder mentality?  Maybe.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to getting in there and seeing what I can come up with for my meal plan.  What would you make?  I’ll share mine next week!

Are you doing the challenge?  Start by taking before photos of your pantry.  Then organise and de-clutter your stock, writing down exactly what you have.  What’s your list like?  Then it’s time to put your thinking caps on and start meal planning.

We’ll have more information on #mamabakeLeanLarder coming soon!


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