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It’s been a while since the Lennox Head/Ballina MamaBakers (where MamaBake started!) got together.  Most of our mums have gone back to paid work outside of the home which has shifted the frequency of the group meetings somewhat.  It was with joyous rapture this session all came together with familiar faces and with new ones too – which was lovely.

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Thai Chicken Curry

Thai Chicken Curry

We had six mamas participate and as one of the mamas is a primal/paleo mama we decided we would go with that theme for this MamaBake session.  We started the session at 11am in the morning.  The hostess had already prepped her meal: Yellow Thai Chicken Curry so could focus on making pots of Rooibos Chai for the other mamas, cuddle the babies, play with the kids and catch up on the news from everyone.

Mums started to show up.  One pregnant mum showed up with an electric frying pan which is a brilliant idea for anyone with a small kitchen – bring an electric frying pan for extra cooking capacity!  Genius!  So, she sat and cooked up a delicious big batch of chicken burgers while she chatted with us all.

A little workstation al set up to make a big batch of Chicken Burgers

A little workstation all set up to make a big batch of Chicken Burgers

Another mum cooked up a big batch of delicious paleo chicken nuggets, another: lamb kofta balls with a dairy free yoghurt dressing, Green Foot Mama came with Thai Coconut and Pumpkin Soup and another mama was having a hugely busy day so dropped off some big brown bags of organic citrus fruits, breads and raw bliss balls as her offering.

As always sweet, sweet chaos ensued – chatting, laughter, serious talks, looking to see how things were made and new friendships were sparked.

At divvy up time we all popped out big batch meals on the table and shared it all out amongst us, we popped a package together for the mama who had to dash and made arrangements for hers to be dropped off for when she arrived home.  Everyone chipped in to clean the hostess’s kitchen up – it was left cleaner than when they arrived!  We all went away very happy knowing that we each had dinners sorted for the next few nights and had had some lovely wimmin time altogether, sharing.

Want to try MamaBake out yourself?  Here’s how:

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1. Get together – organise a date and time and get a small group of friends together.  You only need at least one other to reap the benefits.  Sweet spot is about 4 mamas but no more than 6.  Each mama will need to bring: ingredients needed for her meal, any special utensils required, LOTS of take away containers for the MamaBake booty.

2. Cook together!  Or, if that’s too much or your kitchen is too small organise for some of the MamaBakers to cook theirs before they come.  Or, you may find that some of the mamas won’t be cooking anyway and just need a little bit of bench top space.

3. When everything is cooked (allow 3-4 hours together) pop the big pots of meals on the table and divide each meal out between you.  You will need those take-away containers.

..and that really is it.

And believe you me there is nothing better than rolling up your sleeves together to break the ice and form new wonderful friendships.

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