MamaBake Group Stories - blue Mountains

MamaBake Lower Blue Mountains

1. Where are you?

One from the Lower Blue Mountains and one from the Parramatta area in NSW (we call our group ‘Mothering Heights’).

2.How did you get started and how did you find each other?

We already knew each other- two of us are sisters and we are all friends. We all had babies close together (with one toddler already in the mix). We met at Sarah’s house for the first time because Sarah was sharing her great bread making skills with us & we got talking about how we should help each other out with cooking. We had heard vaguely of MamaBake through seeing pics of a friend in the Newcastle MamaBake group on Facebook and we thought it would be a great thing to do. Sarah & Maia are also both bringing their kids up speaking English & Italian so they were into sharing this experience together too.

3.When did you start?

A couple of months ago

4.How often do you MamaBake?

About once a fortnight

5.Biggest challenge of MamaBaking?

Deciding what to cook & getting used to ‘big batch’ cooking

6.Favourite big batch recipe to swap so far ?

Maias Spinach and Rice Bake

7.What impact does MamaBaking together have on your life as a mother?

Saves time by preparing bulk. Provides social & emotional support through sharing similar experiences. Promotes nutrition & a healthy lifestyle by sharing recipes & encouraging wholesome eating.

8.One reason why you think other mothers might benefit from MamaBaking themselves?

Don’t get sick of your own thoughts and food – share them!


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