MamaBake Group Stories - Mackay QLD

1. Where are you & how did you get started?

Mamabake Mackay is a group of 5 Mamas who started cooking together about a year ago. Emma and Katrina both saw the idea on Facebook, and put the word out for others to join them. Emma and Katrina are sisters-in-law and have been joined by Emma’s ex workmate Jae, Katrina’s long term friend Monique. Recently our mate Jo from ABA has joined us too!
mamabake mackay

2. How often do you MamaBake?

We Mamabake once a fortnight and generally do two meals each. It sets us up for the two weeks! We are mamabaking today and have: Tuna Pasta Bake, Pumpkin and Lentil curry, Bacon, feta and veggie pasties, Homemade Veal ravioli, Sheperds Pie, Lasagne, Burmese Pork Curry, Haloumi and Cherry tomato Couscous, Italian pasta salad and Banana bread.

3. Biggest challenge of MamaBaking?

Our greatest challenge Mamabaking was initially coordinating our schedules. We have on occasion all baked and cooked at home, and one of us has driven around town delivering and exchanging meals. We now have a day once a fortnight where our work and kindy schedules all come together and we have the 5 Mums and 7 kids under 5 running around, eating brownnies, playing with each other’s toys and generally having a wonderful time. We take turns hosting, and everyone does the dishes. The Mums who can will often cook the day before, or slowcook overnight – making ten meals takes up a lot of time and kitchen space, as you can imagine.

4. What impact does MamaBaking together have on your life as a mother?

The best impact that Mamabake has had on our lives is freeing us up during crazy witching hour at night. Dinner usually means reheating something, and maybe cooking some rice or pasta as a side. It is also a joy to share parenting tips, have a laugh with friends and try new foods. It’s been great for the kids to see us working together and to get involved with the cooking and dishing out as well.

5. What is your favourite recipe to big batch bake and share?

Our favourite recipe, that we make Katrina make every time, is Bacon, Feta and Vegetable Pasties.
Our group consists of:
Emma Gardner
Katrina Pirie
Jae-Maree Law
Joanne Allan
Monique Woods

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