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1. How long have you been MamaBaking?

Just a matter of weeks – we’ve only had one session so far, but it was deemed a roaring success!

2. How many of you and where?

There were four of us, and we gathered at my house in North Ryde, Sydney.

3. What’s the common bond you all share?

We’re from the same mothers’ group. Our bubs have just turned six months old, so this seemed like a brilliant opportunity to get together and whip up a batch of deliciously puréed goodness!

4. How does MamaBake improve motherhood for you?

Other than the obvious benefit of being able to reach into my freezer for a handily pre-prepared pot of deliciousness for my littlest one, it’s about the camaraderie, isn’t it? Having other mums to chat to who are going through the same things and are ready and able to lend a helping hand when necessary is priceless. I also LOVE all the Facebook discussions – so fascinating!

5. What are your favourite big batch meals?

Like I say, we’re all about the purées out here in North Ryde (for now). Can’t go past the chicken, sweet potato and apricot purée; the leek, sweet potato and pea purée; or the hotchpotch-of-fruit purée!

6. Why do you MamaBake?

For the three Fs: Food, Friendship & Fun!

7. One tip for others thinking about starting or joining a MamaBake group?

Buy more storage containers. Sure, you think you’ve got enough, but you don’t, trust me. Also, labels!

8.  How did the group get initiated and by who? HOw did you/she round everyone up?

I initiated the group – and it was as simple as sending an email out to my mothers’ group.

9. What did you cook for your first MamaBake?

* Chicken, sweet potato and apricot purée * Leek, sweet potato and pea purée * Pumpkin and pear purée * Pear, apricot and banana purée * Mango, pear and apple purée * Nectarine and mango purée * Fruit salad purée

10. One thing you found challenging?

Finding a time that worked for everyone.

11. One thing you were surprised at after your first cook-up?

How little cleaning up I had to do afterwards – everyone pitched in and there was nothing left for me to do!

12.  Anything else you’d like to let the world know about your MamaBake group?

Just what a fun, great bunch of girls they are!

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