MamaBake Group Stories -Perth

mamabake perth

1. Where are you?

We are in the northern suburbs of Perth

2. How did you get started and how did you find each other?

I loved the idea of mamabake so much, but struggled to get one started. I contacted MamaBake in 2011 and they setup the Mamabake in Perth Facebook page. We found each other on this page, all of us looking for local mamas to do some baking with!

3. When did you start?

At the start of 2013

4. How often do you MamaBake?

Once a month

5. Biggest challenge of MamaBaking?

So far we haven’t cooked together, we cook at home, and bring it all along for a cuppa and a divvy up. We all have small children and I’m not sure how we’d go with cooking at the same time, but I’m sure we’ll try it one day.

7. What impact does MamaBaking together have on your life as a mother?

Its hard to explain but theres almost a sigh of relief filling the freezer full of food. I work part time so need dinner prepared inadvance the days I work. It means the difference between staying at the park an extra few hours, and knowing you’ve got something quick and healthy to give your kids. It means the nights you get home late and the kids are tired and starving and need food quickly so they can go to sleep, and you have it there for them. It means the nights when the baby has been up all night and I just can’t think for tiredness, that I get to sit on the couch with my girls and read stories or watch some Peppa pig knowing dinner is already done. Its also so, so lovely to get together with these women and chat and relax, I feel so lucky to be in such a great group.

8. One reason why you think other mothers might benefit from MamaBaking themselves?

I can think of so many… One reason though, the sanity saving full freezer! We always try and feed our girls good healthy food, MamaBake makes the nights when you might struggle to do that, so much easier.

9. What are your names?

Becky, Michelle and Claudia – and our tiny tribe of 6, very soon to be 7.

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