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I love it when I hear a knock at the door and there stands the delivery man with a decent sized cardboard box with my name on it!

I love that feeling of anticipation, regardless of whether you know what’s inside the box or not, as you sign what appears to be the scrawl of your 3 year old son on the electronic pad thingie before heading back indoors for a mini Christmas style gift unwrapping.

Revol Dish from Granda Cucina 009

If packaging were an art form, then Grand Cucina would be featured in art galleries around the globe.

Revol Dish from Granda Cucina 011

While I  “Ooh’d and Aah’d” over the lovely calico bag, my son got busy with the packaging.  Those little green rice paper beads have been in use in his play now for weeks and, as I type, are being glued to yet another cardboard box to create an alien.  Or a robot.  Or something.

Revol Dish from Granda Cucina 014

Unveiling the dish I admit to a little moment of clapping hands and exclaiming “Yay!” as I saw the beautiful red dish that was to make its home in my kitchen.  All my bakeware is red.  My Vitamix is red.  My (unused but that’s beside the point) tagine is red!

So, what sets the REVOL dish apart from other bakeware?

Revol bakeware is produced in France and is made of exceptional quality porcelain.  It might sound like that makes them fragile, but, as my dropping it on the kitchen floor attests to, they are super durable!  This porcelain is a 100% natural material and contains no chemicals or other nasties that can impact on your cooking results or, most importantly, the health of you and your family.

The surface of the dish is non-porous, so won’t absorb or cling to any flavours, odours or bacteria, making it a wonderfully versatile dish for every style of cooking.

I have a gas, oven and grill and used the dish with great success.  It will go just as well in an electric oven and is even suitable for use in the microwave!  A true MamaBake worthy feature is that the dish, and the meal in it, can go in the freezer!

Here’s a look at what I made with the Revol dish:

Snazzy Shepherd's Pie w cauli crust 005

1.  Snazzy Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower Mash!

Citrus Chicken Big Batch!

2.  Big Batch Honey and Citrus Chicken!

Honey & Dijon Chicken

3.  Our ever popular Big Batch Honey & Dijon Chicken!

Oven Baked Bean & Sausage Casserole 002

4.  Oven Baked Bean & Sausage Casserole!

I admit at first, I was unsure as to whether the dish would be big enough to feed my ravenous little family; perhaps I’m so used to cooking in big batch quantities that this 1.7 litre dish seemed tiny!  My concerns were quickly quashed as I managed to get 8 chicken drumsticks in there for the Honey &  Citrus Chicken and it easily took the hefty mince and vegetable mixture and cauliflower mash of the Shepherd’s Pie.  It’s the perfect size for a family and yields a good, 4 adult size serves of most dishes.

I’m not a fan of washing up, so anything I use must be able to be washed in the dishwasher.  Check!  After giving it a good workout in the oven and under the grill, dropping it on the wooden kitchen floor, re-heating from the fridge and bunging in the dishwasher after each use, the Revol dish has stood up to each test!  Still red and shiny!

I do love the theatrics of placing a meal, still in it’s baking dish, straight out of the oven and onto the kitchen table.  This and all the pieces in the Revol range are aesthetically designed for just that.

I have reached for this dish so many times since receiving it, that I have to wonder what on Earth I used before I had it?  Good, quality bakeware is an essential for every kitchen and MamaBake HQ is more than happy to give this range from Grand Cucina, two thumbs up!

Revol Dish from Granda Cucina 013

*MamaBake were kindly supplied with the Revol Roasting Dish by Grand Cucina.  This is a sponsored post.

Who are Grand Cucina?

“We stock over 70 leading European & Australian brands in cutlery, cookware, kitchenware, table decor, dinnerwares, drinkware, bakeware, gifts and more. These kitchen and entertaining brands are used and trusted by Australia’s leading restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and clubs. Now we’re bringing these Industry-favoured brands directly to you to use in your home at the same affordable industry rates. Choose from over 4,800 products. When it comes to cooking and entertaining, Grand Cucina gladly serves you with the best tools in the trade.”

Find the Revol Range and more at



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