1.  Only take advice from people who genuinely love you and who matter.  (Ange)

2.  Remember that though it may be all encompassing now, each stage does pass. (Ange)

3.  A long hot shower! For me or them.  (Saz)

4.  Playpen:  to stick one’s self in for a quick sanity-saving cup of tea whilst chaos reigns on the outside. (Ellie)

5.  Surround yourself with “real” mama friends, you know, the honest one’s that don’t mind admitting that they’re human & mess up lots of the time. (Ellie)

6.  Yoga – more me time, good for my back and stops me from sticking my head in the oven.  (Pruey)

7.  Remembering my family history of strong women: my mother managed to stay sane while single-parenting three of us under six, in the 1950s. (Ruby)

8.  Do whatever, where ever, how ever to ensure you get a good rest TONIGHT. Tomorrow will take care of itself. (Karen)

9.  Pick your battles and walk away from the dishes/ vacuum cleaner.   (Phoebe)

10.  Bathroom/toilet (door with a lock)! (Katrina)

11.  Leave. The. House. I mean it, pack up the pram, the teenagers, take a ball, a book, whatever you’ve got & GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! (Seonie)

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