I’m sorry, but wasn’t Christmas, like, 2 weeks ago?  How am I possibly sitting here compiling our all-time best Easter treats and craft ideas?  Nonetheless, here I am, and here we are.  Easter is upon us.  No matter how you choose to celebrate this time, there are a few certainties.

1.  The kids are on school holidays and need something to do. (we’ve got your back, Mamas!)

2.  You’ll never have to admit that you’ve been buying hot cross buns from the supermarkets since December 26th, because now, you’ll be making your own!

3.  There will be chocolate.  Lots of it.  We’ve hooked you up with our best chocolate cake recipes and given you all the ideas on making your own chocolate creations, but what if, in the most horrendous of situations, you have left over chocolate?  What on earth to do with it all?  You’ll be whipping up goodies faster than you can say to your kids, “No Jimmy, you ATE all your Easter eggs, there are none left” (but be sure to stash some in the back of the linen cupboard for late night adult chocolate gorge-fests…….if that kind of thing floats your boat.)

Right, so lets start with some crafty activities to keep the kiddos out of your hair, I mean, creatively occupied, as you navigate your way through the school holidays.

Personally, I take my hot cross buns without the assault on my taste buds of mixed peel, but however you like them, we’ve got an option for you in our ‘all you need to know about hot cross buns’ recipe above!

Hot cross buns not your bag?  Why not give these little gems a try?  Simple to make and insanely delicious. When these came out of my oven, I ate 7.

Do you traditionally have fish on Good Friday? Use our guide on how to shop for seafood that’s sustainable – what to buy, what not to buy…

Of course, you can be super organised and have your Easter meal plan in the bag (erm, ‘basket’?) with our Once A Week Cooking Meal Plan, Easter edition!

So, on the off chance you’ve got some leftover chocolate (stop laughing), or simply want to lessen the time spent arguing about how a giant chocolate bunny is NOT a breakfast food, here are some ideas to make those eggs multi-task like pros!

Hungry for more?  Here’s 10!

Find all our BEST homemade chocolate recipes here

If chocolate cake is more your style, you’ll find all our BEST chocolate cake recipes here.

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