More than just a side dish to stir fries and casseroles, rice is a hugely adaptable and versatile little grain that, with just a few other ingredients, can shine as the main attraction of the family meal.  Sweet or savoury, whatever you fancy, it’s time to say, “Move over pasta” and let rice have its moment in the spotlight for a simple, delicious family meal.

(please note: some recipes are member recipes)

The first rule of rice club is that no-one talks about rice club……..well, OK, so we’re breaking that rule by sharing our trick to perfect rice, every time…..cook the rice, then refer to rule 1.

Like a big, warm, comforting cuddle, this rice bake is loved by kids and adults alike.

You had me at ‘ready in under 30 minutes’.

My Greek mother-in-law’s recipe for the most amazing pudding that will ever pass your lips.

Part biscuit, part cake……a biscake……a delicious biscake.

Sunshine on a rainy day……vibrant, orange toned and so very, very good for you.

‘Cause meatloaf doesn’t always have to be made of meat.

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