mamabake's favourite family cookbooks

These are the family cookbooks that grace the shelves at MamaBake HQ.  They are cookbooks we have used for our families for years for decent, wholesome family dinner recipes and we’d love to share them with you!

Some stand-outs for us:  you will notice a fair few of Tessa Kiros’s books here; anyone who knows us at MamaBake knows we are huge fans of the extraordinary Ms. Kiros and we can’t highly recommend her books enough if you’re looking for hearty family fare everyone will love.

Hey, and please share your favourite family cookbooks too in the comments below!  We are always on the lookout for new additions to our shelves.

  1. Apples for Jam ~ Tess Kiros


Check out the Banana Bread recipe in this one and also the delicious burgers with pink sauce.  Also, those little red shoes…*swoon*

Get it here.

2. Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes


My copy of this book is in tatters!  The spine is falling apart, the cover is covered with years old egg whites and vanilla essence.  This is one of our all time favourite books for beautiful meals that bring the whole family together.

Stand out recipes: Ludi’s Chicken (amazing), Tava Lamb and the Lemon and Oregano Lamb.  Lots of lemon and red onions used in this book of Greek, Finnish, Cypriot and Italian traditional meals.  Insanely beautiful photography – this book is an experience in and of itself.

Get it here.

3.  Limoncello and Linen Water

limoncello-and-linen-waterThe most beautiful of the Tessa Kiros collection, this book is close to our hearts here at MamaBake as, it as over food made from the pages of this treasure, that we sat and spoke with Tessa herself on a warm Spring day.  Styled in the most nostalgic and heart warming way, this book pays tribute to the Matriarchs of our families and is a must have for every kitchen shelf!

4. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals


My nearly teen daughter has really enjoyed the straightforward steps to cook a meal in this book, so highly recommended if you have older kids who are ready to create in the kitchen all by themselves.  Delicious meals – am yet to create one entire menu but have enjoyed the single meals we have made thus far.

Get it here.

5. The Kinfolk Table


Just the most outstanding photography of people, families, their homes and tables. We love the Kinfolk style.

Get it here.

6. River Cottage: Gluten Free


As many of our seasoned MamaBakers would know, Our Karen is coeliac and loves to experiment with GF recipes for our community.  As huge fans of Hugh FW we love this book of GF basics.

Get it here.

7. The Oh She Glows Cookbook


You know we love to dabble with recipes from all the food camps (so you don’t have to!).  This book is packed full of vegan recipes.  A particular favourite recipe from this book is the Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew – a South African inspired dish.

See Karen’s adaptation of that recipe, here.

Get the book, here.

8. Oh She Glows Everyday


An everyday vegan recipe kinda cookbook.

Get it here.

9. My Family Table


Absolutely delightful simple and whole food recipes for the family.  Wholesome and homely.

Get it here.

10. My Petite Kitchen Cookbook

my-petite-kitchen-cookbookThis was my introduction to the work of Eleanor Ozich ands I’m so glad to have found her!  Every recipe has worked perfectly and tasted as wholesome and beautiful as the images on the pages.  Not fancy, trendy or hip, but nourishing, easy and full of style.

Get it here.

11. Mallman On Fire


I was introduced to Mallmann on the Netflix show:  The Chef’s Table.  I actually sobbed watching him live his life on camera in a way that was so honest and true to himself.  Mallmann’s food has passion, it has heritage and story.  The man himself is simply glorious, and I defy anyone not to swoon to see him reading poetry by candlelight to his partner and young daughter.  This book is a tribute to the flame, with traditional recipes cooked over open coal or fires, adapted to the home.  I adore this book as a visual escape as much as a cookbook.  A stunning book held very close to my heart.

Get it here.

12. My Darling Lemon Thyme


I absolutely adore this book.  It’s vegetarian and whole foods based.  Every recipe I have pulled together from this have been absolutely delicious and loved by my whole family.

Stand-outs: the Corn Fritters and the soaked Nut and Seed ‘Porridge’.

Get it here.

13. Family Food: 130 Delicious Paleo Recipes for Every Day


I know, I know…. Pete’s a controversial fellow BUT if you’re paleo or giving it a crack then the recipes in this book are pretty amazing.

The stand out recipes for me:  Coconut Flour Tortillas (I made a big batch of these and took them camping – they were fantastic), Chicken Schnitzel and Kaleslaw and the Lamb Kofta Balls (divine and a perfect big batch-y recipe!).

Honestly, I’m not so sure about the pizza alternatives and when I tried to serve up his paleo pizzas to my kids and their friends…well, let’s just say I had to pull out the frozen jobs from the freezer that night.  Happy (not paleo) chooks though.

Get it here.

14. Movida Rustica: Spanish Traditions and Recipes


Travel to Spain without leaving your kitchen! This is another one of those cookbooks you sit down with and actually ‘read’ before you embark on the recipes.  Like Mallmann, this is a book that speaks to my wandering spirit and the celebration of food, culture, life and love.  Check out a feature recipe Karen adapted, here and also a bit of a spiel about this book.

Get the book here

 15. The MamaBake Cookbook:
Once-A-Week Cooking Plans and Big Batch Recipes.

MamaBake - cover
Whaaaaat?  What’s this doing in here?  Apparently, it’s absolutely marvellous; saving time for busy mums across the globe!!  But don’t take our word for it, read customer reviews here or search #mamabake on Insta for mums’ (unsponsored) thoughts on the book.
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