I have a love/hate relationship with rice.  I love to eat it.  I hate to cook it.

Before you reach for the par cooked, bung in the microwave sachets of rice that, let’s face it, kind of ‘pretend’ to be rice, why not give our fail proof method a try? Perfect rice…..guaranteed.

Here’s how MamaBake does it:

1.  Pour the rice into the pan.

2.  Rest the tip of your nail on the top of the rice level and pour water up to the first bone in your finger.

3.    Bring the water to a rolling boil, cover the pot and bring the heat down to the lowest setting it will go.

4.  When you see small holes appearing through the rice and the rice looks ‘dry’, turn the heat off and leave to steam for a further ten minutes.   You will have perfect rice.

***For something homely and delicious try adding a two inch lemon peel and a knob of butter to the water at the beginning (step 2).  Hoik out the peel before serving.

What’s your BEST tip for perfect rice?  Share in the comments!

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