By Michelle Shearer

It was a shitful afternoon of rain, endless immovable domestic chores, RTA beaurocratic hell and a down heart when she showed up. A quiet ‘hello’ that came from nowhere and everywhere in the stupid accoustics of our new home.

She arrived wearing some kind of fat, woolly jumper with metal clasps. We shared hushed, words of bad behaviour and yearnings for adventure and escape and gulped down weak chai by the fire.

Then it was agreed, she would go to the shops and acquire the necessaries for a goblet or two of Mulled Wine.

Here is the recipe that happened. It was medicinal and beautiful and brought me sweet memories of home.

1.5 cup brown sugar (to every 3/4 cup of water)
The zest of 1 orange,
5 cloves,
1 star anise,
2 cinnamon quills,
2tsp ground ginger powder,
1 bay leaf.
3 sprigs o’ thyme.

Make sugar syrup with all spices, herbs and zest.
Simmer till it’s at a syrupy consistency.
Add yo wine. We used a cab sav.. fruity, spicy clean-skin.
Simmer on low heat for a wee while. (5mins)
Strain and serve.

Add good friend by the fire, some sweet, sweet tunes (we listened to Andrew Bird) and it’s all gypsy dancing goodness from thereonin.

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