How to make Best EVER Roast Potatoes


Some Secret Nanna Ways to the Perfect Roast Spuddy:

  1. Add lard with a little sugar on the sides
  2. Cook potatoes in equal parts butter and “dripping
  3. Toss in olive oil and paprika before roasting.
  4. Parboil big chunks of potatoes before baking which makes them make them fluffy then drain your potatoes & roll them around in the oil pan, cook for about 45-60 mins (depending on how crispy you like them)
  5. Cook in duck fat and rosemary for real fantasy roast spuds
  6. Add a splash of water or stock in the roasting pan for crispy outsides and fluffy insides.
  7. Pre heat the oil in the roasting pan before you add the potatoes – that way you get nice crispy outsides.

3 More Jazzy Ways:

1.  Cut baby potatoes in half, leaving the skin on. Starting with cold water, boil until the skin starts to lift from the edge of the spuds. Drain the water, then bash around the pan to roughen, add grapeseed oil and shake to coat. Spread on oven tray, season generously with fresh ground salt & pepper and sprinkle with fresh rosemary. Bake at 200′ for around an hour.

2.  Boil Peeled chunks of spuds from cold till the surface is soft (10-12min). Drain water and bash around pan to roughen, then sprinkle with 2 tblsp of semolina and bash again. Pre-heat tray in oven while heating 1/2 cup of duck fat in a small pan. Once duck fat is making small popping sounds, pour over drained potatoes and shake to coat, then spread them out onto pre-warmed tray and bake at 200′ for 60-90min.

3.  Boil peeled chunks of spud from cold, in water with 2 tblsp of ground tumeric added till soft on the outside (10-12min). Drain water and bash around pan to roughen. Add olive or grapeseed oil and bash again. Spread onto pre-warmed tray and season well with salt (no pepper). Bake at 200′ for 60-90 min.

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