Well I have officially had my last child-free holiday… and it feels wonderful!   This time next year, there will be a cute little body moving about the house, buzzing from the excitement of Christmas, all the new taste sensations, Santa’s arrival and generosity and life will be rosy! Christmas day was quiet for us this year – a lunch for four with me, Ash and his folks. However, we had a big Boxing Day bonanza that also included my family, Kerri-ann’s family as well as her parents who were visiting from the country. It was a lovely chance for our family to see Kerri-ann with her big beautiful belly and for her parents to meet us and see the home where the baby she is so generously carrying will grow up.

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From left: Ash, Kerri-ann and Natalia on Boxing Day

And my oh my! Our baby is on her way to us… potentially up to 5 weeks early! We could be parents in 4 weeks! Let me rewind a bit for you…..

At the 28 week scan we were told that Pandysas had a bit of a big tummy and was therefore measuring a bit overweight but that everything was healthy, so we didn’t think much of it. We were meant to go back to the OB the following week for further details and a general check-up but we were unable to keep the appointment. When Kerri-ann did get there a couple of weeks later, she got the full report. It looks like we have quite a big girlie on our hands! Most of her measurements are ranking in the higher percentiles and her tummy is actually off the charts! The doctors aren’t worried as everything looks completely healthy and both of Kerri-ann’s other babies were big. However, we have booked in for another scan on 17th Jan and depending on the size we may decide to induce as early as the following week. (I have a strong feeling that this will be the case). We have plans to try a water birth (I may actually get in the tub too – note to self: must buy a swimsuit!) and this should still be fine regardless of an induction. Kerri-ann saw a water birth on an episode of ‘One Born Every Minute’ recently and mentioned to me that it looked interesting, so I suggested that she go for it. As long as both her and the baby are doing fine, I am happy for her to do whatever she likes during the birth. I am just in awe that it is all going to happen so soon. My daughter is on her way into my arms! (Our little joke is the reason that she is growing so big, so quickly is because she can’t wait to get out of the womb and meet her mama and daddy).

Something lovely I am looking forward to  20th Jan (the day before the induction) is the baby shower – I am so, so excited! I am always the one throwing the party, so this will be the first time in my life I have sat back and let others do it for me. I love the idea of my nearest and dearest gathering together and showing my baby girl some love. I don’t know all of the specifics but what I do know is that it is a vintage tea party and it has been suggested to guests that they might like to dress accordingly (I have bought a lovely, lovely frock!). Guests have also been asked to bring a vintage button and on the day one of my friends will be sewing them on to a small pillow as a keepsake for my daughter which I think is just so sweet. My contribution to the event has been to arrange little gift bags for the guests – an extravagance and cost I would never normally go to but I had an astounding desire to do it, so I just went with it. I have purchased little Chinese take-away style boxes with different patterns on them and they will include: lady bird shaped chocolate, 2 other lollies, some tiny paper flowers, a bath bomb, a mini lip gloss and a brass vintage key plus a tiny hand-made thank you card. The key represents an invitation into my daughter’s life and the card will say as much. I really hope everyone likes the little gift boxes as I have put lots of love and thought into them. I am still waiting on the lip glosses and keys to arrive from overseas so hopefully everything will arrive in plenty of time for me to put them all together beautifully!

The next couple of weeks will see Ash and I getting really practical: putting the baby capsule in the car, buying nappies and wipes and all those essentials that really make you feel like the arrival of a baby is imminent. I know that no one can ever say that they are 100% ready, but you know what? We are as ready as we will ever be. All our ducks are in a row, we are in a really good head space and we are already besotted with the little life in Kerri-ann’s belly. Can’t wait to meet our daughter!


Be well,





Read Kerri-ann’s (the surrogate mother) story here and the other parts to Natalia’s Diary of Surrogacy: 1234 & 5.

More about Natalia

Natalia is writing a book for families that are having children via surrogacy. Natalia and her partner believe that it is important for children to understand the truth about their history.

The book is a story book that parents can read to children so that the idea that they were born via surrogacy is part of the fabric of their life. Natalia consulted with an expert psychologist to get the messaging right and it is now being illustrated. She is self-publishing and it will be released in early 2013.

Natalia is currently seeking supporters and sponsors for the production costs. There is a sponsorship proposal that interested parties can look at – personal or commercial -(please ). You can also follow the book’s progress via the FaceBook page.

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