Natalia & Violetta

So…. I have officially put the ‘mama’ in ‘MamaBaker’.

My darling daughter Violetta Lior Padgen arrived on Friday 15th February at 9:19pm,weighed 3.7kg and 49cm long. She is a black-haired beauty and her dad and I are hopelessly in love.

Kerri-ann was a superstar in birth with the labour lasting a total of 5 hours and Violetta arriving in one sudden push.  I had actually gone to the toilet as we thought it would be a few more hours at least when I heard the midwives calling, ‘she wants to push!  You’re going to miss it!’. I was mid-stream and panicking, but I made it out the door and by Keri-ann’s side to hold onto her and feel the vibrations of her push my little girl into the world and see it all happen. When the midwives lifted her into my arms – my life changed forever.

Being a mum is different to how I expected. Not so much in what you have to do, but the physical and mental capacity that it draws on you and the overwhelming love that seeps from your body and soul to radiate to your little child 24/7 is incredible. I am taking to it much more naturally and calmly than I expected. I am generally known as a stress head, but all of a sudden I am rather serene – I am too happy and loved up to be stressed about much. I do however wish the cleaning and cooking fairy would come and wave her wand in my home!

Speaking of such things, the wonderful ladies at the Tempe MamaBake group have made me up a care package during their last session and one of the members is bringing it over tomorrow and will also have some lovely bubba cuddles. I am so incredibly touched by their generosity that  it makes my eyes well up a bit thinking about it. The meals that I have frozen so far from my MamaBake adventures have been my saviour in the 5 short days since birth .  It is so lovely not to have to think about making dinner – just head to  the freezer, select deliciousness and heat!  This extra batch will certainly take the pressure off a little longer and let me concentrate on baby gazing and all the other newborn stuff that isn’t quite as fun (like nappy changing and washing washing washing).

I feel like I could write about gorgeous things my Violetta has done in the last few days for ages. But I won’t.  I will keep it short and sweet and let you know that she is sleeping and feeding well, loves stories and baby massage with sweet almond oil and we have been having some wonderful rests where she sleeps on my chest as I lie on the couch where I could just die with contentment. Plus I swear she has already smiled a number of times!!! I do not feel different to any other mum because I did not give birth. Not in the slightest.

Kerri-ann is doing well. I thought after the birth I would be very protective of my bub but I wasn’t at all and was so comfortable with her cuddling and kissing Violetta and her family all giving her a good hold the next day too. I felt instantly secure that I was the mama and Kerri-ann was the surrogate. We spent a really beautiful first night together in hospital. Kerri-ann slept on and off and I held Violetta in my arms all night long. We had a really nice talk and Kerri-ann referred to herself as a ‘proud auntie’ and also gave me a few tips as I needed them. It was very special. We’ve been in touch every day since going home, sending photos and plan to have a BBQ in a few weeks’ time so we can all catch up.

All in all, this surrogacy journey has been the best thing I have done in my life. Kerri-ann is the most incredible woman I have ever met. So giving, kind, strong, wise and calm. I have learnt a lot from her and I hope to instil these qualities in my beautiful daughter that she has helped me to hold in my arms… I still can’t quite believe it. .. I have a beautiful healthy, happy little girl!

Thank you MamaBakers for sharing in my journey . It has been a pleasure writing to you. That’s it from me. I am off to enjoy being a mama to Violetta now. She has been sleeping as I write this and is starting to stir. Time for a big fat cuddle.

Be well,

Nat. xx

Read Kerri-ann’s (the surrogate mother) story here and the other parts to Natalia’s Diary of Surrogacy: 123456,

More about Natalia

My children’s book, ‘Your Tummy Time – a surrogacy story’ is now available for sale on Natalia’s Facebook pageThe cost is $17.99 per copy including delivery within Australia. It is not available via iOs, but enquiries can be made via the contact tab on the page for alternate purchase methods

This is a book for families that are having children via surrogacy. Natalia and her partner believe that it is important for children to understand the truth about their history.

The book is a story book that parents can read to children so that the idea that they were born via surrogacy is part of the fabric of their life. Natalia consulted with an expert psychologist to get the messaging right.

Natalia is currently seeking supporters and sponsors for the production costs. There is a sponsorship proposal that interested parties can look at – personal or commercial -(please ).

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