Peanut Butter  Honey SliceMamaBakers, I promise you.  This will be the last peanut butter recipe I share for a while.  I’ve overdosed on the stuff.  So, I’m seeing my addiction off with a bang!  These are chewy, sweet and ridiculously moreish.

Farewell peanut butter, until we meet again!


1 cup smooth, natural peanut butter – where possible, avoid peanut butter that has added sugar and oil.  The honey/dried fruit in this recipe makes this a sweet slice, and if there’s also sugar in the PB, it’ll tip it over the sweet edge!

1 cup honey

3 cups of oats – 1 cup processed into a flour like consistency in a food processor, the remaining 2 cups left whole.

1 cup chopped dates or dried fruit of your choice.



In a mixing bowl, combine your oats and dried fruit and mix well.

Place your peanut butter and honey in a small saucepan and heat, stirring, until it goes nice and runny.

Pour into your oat/fruit mix and stir really, really well.  (You’ll have enviable arm muscles after this!)

Press into a lined brownie tin, cover and refrigerate overnight.



These are easier to slice if you use a BIG knife that has been warmed under the hot water tap for a few seconds.  I polished off 3 slices with my coffee this morning, but these would be equally as good as a mid-morning snack, a lunchbox addition (providing peanuts are allowed) or as an anecdote to the 3pm energy slump.



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