We had a chat recently over on the MamaBake Facebook page about the InstaPot and pressure cooker appliances – what different people thought of them etc. Interesting read!

One of the MamaBaker’s, Pip Tuipulotu, said she had a great risotto recipe that she makes in her pressure cooker with great results. She so very kindly shared it with us here – thanks Pip!

300g Arborio rice
A knob of butter 
800ml stock or 600ml stock and 200ml white wine
Veggies/meat as you like

1. Sauté butter, garlic, and add rice till it is glassy.
2. Add wine and burn off alcohol (if using) and add stock and veggies/meat. 3. Seal and set timer for 7 minutes.
4. Release pressure, add more veggies if you would like (baby spinach, frozen peas, whatever) and serve with cheese of your choice.
5. Remove or add whatever you want.

Have a good play with it!

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