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Have you heard of the Collaborative Consumption movement?  It basically looks at ways in which we can share what we already have instead of buying more and more.

Here are 8 top picks of collaborative consumption businesses that allow us mums to save time, money and often the environment by renting (or renting out) or swapping stuff instead of buying more stuff we might not really need to buy at all.

1.  FindaUniform

Find second hand uniforms instead of buying them:  complete online second hand uniform noticeboard: Buy, sell, swap, wanted ads.

2.  TaskRunners

Here you can list all those dastardly deeds you just don’t want to go near – I’ looking at you, filthy oven – and have someone pop over to do it for you.  You might also not mind cleaning out an oven for a fee every once in a while so could earn yourself something doing it for someone else!  New tasks are listed all the time. Take a look.

3.  SwapShuffleShare

Grow your own food?  Do you sometimes have surplus?  Well, get together with other gardeners in your area through SwapShuffleShare and swap your produce for stuff you DO need or want.  Makes plain old common sense doesn’t it?

4. OpenShed


Share with your community to access what you need and help your neighbours:  tools, sporting equipment, musical instruments, appliances and much more.

5. EcoBums: Cloth Nappy Library (for South Australia only)

EcoBums are taking away that frustration and are offering you four of the best brands of nappies to try.  All are environmentally friendly, very easy to use and wash and economical for the family budget.  The main focus at Eco Bums is to encourage as many families as possible to help improve our environment by making the switch to MCNs.

6. Zilich: where good stuff goes free


7.  PetHomeStay

PetHomeStay allows pet owners to easily find local friendly homestays or sitters for their pet.  Simply register your pet, and search for friendly local people near you. It’s fun, easy & totally free to use.  OR you may like animals and would love for your kids to have one around but just don’t want to commit to owning one just yet.  Here you can also look after other people’s animals and get paid for it!

8.  WeTeachMe

Want to expand your, or your husband’s, culinary skills?   WeTeachMe has all your local classes in one place.


MamaBake is proudly listed as a Pioneer/Protagonist of the Collaborative Consumption movement. 

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