This is a beautiful recipe if you’re feeding a crowd for dinner and also you don’t have the time to be standing in the kitchen cooking all day.  You can get this meal organised first thing in the morning to marinade, brown the meat at around 11am and by 6/7pm you have a meal centrepiece.    It’s a cracker meal that everyone enjoyed at my place this weekend.

With the leftovers, we made lamb wraps with minted mayonnaise, slices of red onion, fresh rocket from the garden and sauerkraut.  Absolutely delicious.

This recipe fed 4 adults and 2 children for dinner and then wraps for everyone (same number of people) for lunch the next day.


3kg+ lamb shoulder/leg

Small fistful of rosemary, finely chopped

3 cloves garlic, chopped
Juice of half a lemon

2 tbspns olive oil


Pop rosemary, lemon juice, garlic and oil into a pestle and mortar (or food processor) and grind it all up until it is a nice, smooth liquid-y paste.

Rub rosemary, lemon and garlic marinade into the lamb.   Ground some salt over the lamb.  Pop lamb in fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Heat a frying pan to moderate high heat and brown lamb well on each side.

Place lamb in slow cooker and cook on low for approximately 7 hours or until meat is falling away.

I served this with lightly steamed broccoli, crispy roast rosemary potatoes and spooned the juices over the meat and taties.

Crispy Roast Rosemary Potatoes

1.5 kg potatoes, quartered
a small bunch of rosemary, strip the leaves
3 tbspns oil


Preheat the oven to the hottest it will go.

Boil the potatoes until they are just starting to soften. Drain.

Pour the oil into a baking tin and pop in the oven for a couple of minutes until oil is really hot.

Take out the baking tin and carefully add the potatoes (be careful of the hot oil!).  Sprinkle potatoes with salt and rosemary leaves and, using a spoon, ensure the potatoes are covered with the oil and rosemary mixture.

Bake for 20 minutes or until the potatoes are golden brown and crispy.


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