1.  Who’s in the photo? Carly, Rebecca, Meagan & Jo (with Bonnie)
2.  How many in your group?  We’ve got 4 – 5 regulars, and up to 10 MamaBakers overall in our group
3.  Fave MamaBake meals? Good ol’ bolognese is always a hit, Carly’s Beet Relish. Donna’s famous Glazed Pork & Veat Meatloaf wrapped in Apple &     Bacon
4.  How long have you been MamaBaking?Since September 2011
5.  Fantasy cake?Triple choc berry cheescake. Is it too much of a fantasy for that to be soy & dairy free?
6.  With their spare time, they like to?  Head to the beach, dig in the veggie garden & help each other out when needed (just did a working bee at Natalie’s place!)

Want us to feature your MamaBake group? Send us a pic of your gang and the answers to the above questions to mamabake@mamabake2.wpengine.com.



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