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Are you keen to start your very own MamaBake group but not quite sure HOW?  Read on! We’ll get you up and running in no time.

What even IS MamaBake?  Click here to find out.

Starting a group of any kind can feel like a huge responsibility especially when you have all the domestic and family balls to juggle – who needs extra balls up the air?  But with MamaBake this is one group that is going to save you time – and lots of it.

We created MamaBake to lighten your load as a mother, to take that domestic burden that sits squarely on your shoulders and share it out through group big batch baking.

  1.  Stick something up on Facey; make a phone call

To start your own is so easy.  All you need to feel the full benefits is just one other friend and away you go.  Simply call a friend you think might be up for it or put a post up on Facebook.  Then, set a date and address and away you go!

Offer to host the first MamaBake session.  After that, the hosting will rotate through the group.

What do I need to bring to a MamaBake session?  Click here.

2. Is there a MamaBake group already in your town?

Check to see if a MamaBake group already exists in your area and see if you can join them.  Often, MamaBake groups are small and pretty tight knight, so don’t be offended if they say they are full.

3. Go Old Skool

If you don’t really know anyone in your circle who you think would be interested in some time off from making dinner in the night (surely not!) then you can print out our poster and pin it up on your local noticeboards.

Once you get together, don’t get caught up in the cost of it and/or worried about what you are cooking.  Cook a big batch meal that you know you can cook with confidence.  You will see how it all works out in the end.

Two more things:

1.  Don’t overthink things like cost etc – just do what you can.  It all really does work out….

2. Make sure you do talk to one another about food values up front.  If you have a few of you with restrictions, band off in groups according to common food values.

Do you have questions?  We’re here to answer them and guide you through!  Ask your question in the comments below. 

Looking for big meal recipes?  Buy The MamaBake Book for cooking plans and BIG batch recipes.

The MamaBake Cookbook

The MamaBake Cookbook

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