21 Useful Apps for Mums

By Michelle Shearer

As mums we can do with every bit of help we can get, eh?  And if you have a Smartphone then you can easily turn it into an everyday tool.  But with so many apps it can be hard to know which ones are worth the download etc.

We asked our community of MamaBakers what useful apps they use that make a difference and help make life a little easier:

  1. Weatherzone: “Great for a quick prediction before we leave the house.”
  2. Inkpad: “Great for notes and lists.”
  3. Flashlight: “This one is always handy.”
  4. PhotoGrid: “I like this for making little collages of the day to post for family so I don’t have to post 10 similar photos; everyone hates that!”
  5. ABC4Kids: “..for iPad which shows different content to iView”
  6. Medicare – “You can snap your receipts and upload them straight away for your refund”
  7. Paprika:  “Recipe pinning and meal planning app”.
  8. ‘Out of Milk’ shopping list app: “Sync with app on hubbies’ so he can add stuff to it when he thinks of it instead of trying to remember to tell me, I can’t leave my list stuck on the fridge …”
  9.  Womanlog: “I love this for tracking my cycle. Best part is the widget (Android) so I can flick to a home screen and see immediately what part of my cycle I’m at. Best money I ever spent! (There’s a free version which is great, but the paid version has more features.)”
  10.  The Whole Pantry – Live Healthy app: “costs a small fee but all money is donated to charity. The recipes are awesome and I find my nephews love all of the sweet stuff. Great for intolerances and allergies or if you need a quick dinner or snack idea”
  11.  ChildCarers: “It gives me updates about my toddler at daycare”
  12. OvuView– “It’s a natural fertility tracking app.”
  13. The Eco Mum: Resources for the eco conscious family
  14. Home Routine: Great for managing all the “repeaty stuff” around the hosue
  15. Total Baby – “..for tracking feeds and sleeps etc for new babies.”
  16. Our Groceries (Android) – “awesome in that it syncs with my partner”
  17. Keepy:  “I download all the photos / videos I take on my phone onto it so I know they’re safe if I lose/break my phone.”
  18. The Perfect Egg Timer:  “It measures the size of the egg and even the boiling point at my current altitude! I do it from boiling but there is a setting to do it from cold. Even cooler, it shows a cross section of what is happening inside the egg as it cooks, called “egg watch.” I get my eggs exactly how I like them, every time. Best app ever. I love love love it.”
  19. Evernote: Take notes, snap photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards, record voice reminders
  20. BrightNest for household chore management (Jeez, can they PLEASE invent one that actually does the jolly chores?!)
  21. Keeper Password: Manage all those gazillion  passwords in one handy app.

Did we miss anything?  Tell us in the comments, DO! x


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