Tupperware: an unsponsored review

I believe that when we become mothers we sign an invisible contract with the Universe that binds us forever to the very important matter of Storage Containers.  Bound to the endless search for matching lids, for clips to work, for the dishwash warp not to happen and of course the storage of said very important Storage Containers….

Which …. brings me to the Holy Grail of storage containers: TupperWare.


I personally don’t possess any – though I did pay $5 once to a kindly old lady in a Grafton op-shop once for a very funkily coloured, vintage, sealed-in Tupperware salad bowl dish. Oh how I loved that that bowl –  like it was one of my very own.

Then my husband used it as a vessel in which to hold our parrots’ porridge-y dinner one evening and I never did see that container again.  I suspect it is languishing under our house, covered in chicken poo, with all my other treasures.

Anyway, you know we love an honest review, so we asked our MamaBakers:  Tupperware – tell us honestly, do you have some?  If so, how are they?  what is your experience?

And this is what they said:


Kylie:  “I love my ClearMates and also my VentSmarts. I’m going to Hawaii in October and purchasing some there as it is much cheaper.”

Kym-marie: “I do love me some Tupperware, but iI also stock up on containers when they go up on special at Coles and Woolies and those are my staples but Tupperware is like the crack cocaine of plastic wear once you try it, it’s highly addictive. Lol.”

Megan: “I’ve got the Tupperware rubber spatulas and they are awesome. They’d want to be for a $36 spatula but they really are. I can’t afford anything else after my spatulas.”

Sally: “I love their Turbo Chef or lawnmower as I call it. It cuts onion so quick and easy my kids can do it”

Elle: “I’m still using my Mum’s Tupperware from the 60’s and have bought more – guess you could say I LOVE it!”

Steffi:  “Heaps of Tupperware, some of it belonging to the MIL. I inherited it when she died, and passed some on to kids as they left home. I also have Décor, which I like too. And the odd recycled take away & marge containers that I use for freezing stuff. Some of the Tupperware is nearly 30 years old, and they still give me lids if one splits. Cant beat that.”

Blaire: “Some Tupperware I love like the microwave jug. I do have some of the pantry organisers but couldn’t afford the whole set. Now I get the Tupperware look-a-likes from Kmart which are the exact same size and look almost identical. It costs $12 for a set of 6 instead of hundreds and they stack in with my Tupperware ones perfectly. They seal really well too, and my pantry looks great!”

Kristy: “I love my second hand tupperware! Im too cheap to pay full price so I love to find things in op shops and markets”

Kylie: “Love Tupperware! I have 1 cupboard that is only Tupperware, but I so use Decor containers as well which I use just as much”

Kate: “I have loads of tupperware. I think it is worth the money. My mum still has all hers from when I was little and it is still covered under the lifetime warranty.”

Rebecca: “Love Tupperware. I’ve discovered a distribution centre in Prestons that sells to the public. So no more parties woo-hoo!”

Anna: “Love the specific freezer line they have, they are great, and my little chopper is used for most dinners, especially for onions.”

Christa: “I have heaps of it, as my sister-in-law used to sell it: ice cube trays, icy poles, sandwich keepers, bowls with lids, mini containers for snacks & freezer containers. They’re all good. Just ordered some Ventsmarts to keep my fruit & veg fresher for longer, as I keep having to toss out my salad leaves before I’ve finished with them! I’ve had a number of decor & takeaway containers in the freezer that broke (eg: when falling from freezer to the floor!) but Tupperware hasn’t done that. My sandwich keeper hinge broke & they replaced it free.”

Carolyn: “I do have a lot of Tupperware including a full pantry that I’d love to change out to square interlocking jars (sadly not available in Oz). But for plastic containers it is better value as it lasts so much longer. Mine is mostly 10-15 yrs old and good as new. The other stuff lasts a couple of years. I prefer to use stainless steel for kids snacks and it it even more $$ so not too much of that. Sadly Tupperware is just as easily lost as the cheap stuff.”

Jayne: “ I love my Tupperware! I have been steadily building it up over the years and find that I’m beginning to save money by being able to store my food fresher for longer and all my staples and flours etc I make from scratch are lasting much longer and I have a neat and tidy fridge and pantry! Plus it all comes with a lifetime guarantee (I am not a Tupperware rep- I just Love Tupperware!!!)”

Esther: “I have just about all the Tupperware from the last few catalogues.  I also have the pots and knives as well.I’m a Tupperholic”

Deborah: “Love most of mine…has lasted 40 years…icy poles moulds and kids cups think they were called bell tumblers? Are as good as new but have survived non stop use of 4 boys, cousins, friends, etc haven’t even faded…storage containers used non stop”

Monica: “Love tupperware – Ventsmarts keep my fruit and veggies fresher for longer, the modular mates keep my pantry items fresher (I had decor ones which didn’t keep this as fresh as tupperware), love the choppers as well. I only started to get into it late last year. Even my husband likes the stuff!”

Moira: “I was just saying to my husband that I’m so very grateful I did my pantry with modular mates, got my spice containers (about 50 of them, we use a LOT of spices in our cooking), bought lunch containers and deli mates and fridgesmarts all when I was working – they make my kitchen so organized and easy to KEEP organized, and now that we’re on one income, we could never afford to do that. They are brilliant, and I love them!”

Jinny: “I have a lot of tupperware. More than I use or want. I think the spatulas are the best, they don’t leave a skerrick of mixture in the bowl and are fantastic for folding mixtures with a lot of air. The Orange peeler is so clever and quick, couldn’t do without it. I also use their sandwich boxes and snack containers for yoghourt for kids lunches.”

Anna Maree:Omg I love the glass pyrex containers because you can bake in them and then put it in the fridge using the plastic lid which is better than wasting cling wrap in land fill”

Sarah: “I do love my Tupperware cake box with a handle. Very handy for transporting birthday cakes to parties.”

Kristine: “Yes it’s awesome! A little I have brought new but 90% of my Tupperware is from Op-Shops!!! Love it!”

Amber: “The expandable cake taker is worth the money – great product.”

Rebecca: “Love it. Faves are the microwave rice cooker, vent smarts, fridge mates, modular mates and sandwich keeper plus. Have some new and some from the op shop.”

Kristen: “ I love love Tupperware. It’s lasted me through all the years & is better than anything else I’ve tried. It’s worth the investment”

Jenny: “Tupperware is more expensive till you add up the costs of replacing all the others over a lifetime warranty. It has variety and a great range. I would love to change all my old plastic to a colour coordinate my pantry”

Rosemarie: “Love Tupperware – lasts forever :)))”

Fran: “I have stacks of it and love it, but it’s taken me a good 20 years to get my collection. I have cheaper stuff for the freezer and for the kids snacks as it doesn’t matter if it gets lost then. I once learnt a trick of removing the crisper and then filling the Fridgemate sets with all the fruit and veg and stacking it up in the bottom of the fridge, I rarely throw food out now as it lasts for donkeys! I also think it’s fab if something cracks, or breaks, Tupperware replace it all for free. I don’t know how many lids have bent in the dishwasher, or from too much manly pressure, but they go off to my Tupperware lady and new shiny ones come back. Same for bowls.”

Sarah: “I love my massive 5ltr Tupperware tub for the 5kg bags of Demeter farm spelt flour that I buy. The 2ltr containers are also fantastic for my sugars (I bake a lot).   I also love my Tupperware fridge-mate containers – they really do keep veggies fresh for lots longer.  The Tupperware bowls with lids are great – so handy for individual afternoon teas for the kids.   The cups have lasted well too, though my kids have cut a big chip out of one…not sure if that’s covered by tupperwares lifetime replacement policy tho haha”

Claire: “I don’t own any plastic that’s not Tupperware! Sad?”

Simone: “The Rock ‘n’ Serves are great for freezing meals when you have bulk cook ups.”

Leanne: “I have cupboards full of Tupperware and love it! definitely worth the money but prefer to host a party to get the freebies”

Jenni: “Just bought more today. The Vent Smart fridge stuff is brilliant.”

Trish: “I could hold a Tupperware party with what I have. I love my modular mates and the kids lunch box and snack cups are very handy no sandwich bags used in this house.”

Sarah: “I love my Tupperware, I have my pantry stocked full of modular mates. Confession though I have a friend who is a rep and she sells me her ex demo, old season stock cheaply”

Claudia: “The only thing we have is the big lunch boxes with 4 compartments, brilliant they are. My daughter has hers 7 years now and my son 3, def worth the money, can’t loose the lids:)”

The Negatives

Ange: “I bought those Tupperware collapsible tubs. Hate them. The systema stuff is brilliant thought.  I do like the little Tupperware cups with lids though, but just as much the cheaper ones from Woolies that are a little bigger.”

Stacey: “I’m phasing out to jars Tupperware is good and I have heaps but i actually prefer glass these days.”

Samantha: “I hate the ‘Party Plan’ idea of Tupperware…making money out of your friends. The hosts always say ‘you don’t need to buy anything, just come along and have a wine’ but then you have a wine…and suddenly you’ve ordered two drink bottles for your kids that cost $45!”

Lisa: “I find Decor and Sistema work just as well and buy up big when they are half priced at Woolies or Coles.”

Jodie: “It’s good but ridiculously expensive so can’t afford it. I buy the Decor brand which is often on special for half price and don’t panic when I lose or break it!”

Petunia: “I had a lot of Tupperware and quite liked it but my kids lost/destroyed most of it and it cost a lot of money. These days I just get cheap stuff from supermarkets because I know I’m going to find it under the house, in the shed/car, filled with indescribable horrors that render them useless for food. I am kicking myself that I got rid of the huge jars I had before the Tupperware because I really prefer glass.”

Sharon: “Overrated. More and more of it these days isn’t covered by the ‘lifetime guarantee’. I also have stuff that WAS supposedly covered, but has now been discontinued, so can’t be replaced anyway.  Left most of it with my ex and now loving Sistema, especially when it’s half price.”

Carrie: “Some is worth it’s weight in gold but a lot is a huge waste of money and a load of rubbish like the steamer -$110 – and it’s useless”

Bec: “I use sistema. Much cheaper and does the same thing.”

Amanda: “I prefer other brands that are much cheaper even though I have tons of Tupperware.  I am older and wiser now and the last few things I needed replacements for were rejected.   I figure it is no longer worth it.  I pick it up at swap meets but mainly Decore is just as good and I find it doesn’t discolor like Tupperware.  I was at a party last night and managed to resist after realising I had to pay for it on the night.  Been a while since I had been at a Tupperware party, you used to pay for it about 14 days later.  I didn’t even take my wallet!  Oh well, their loss.”

Becstar: “I have some Tupperware but do believe it’s highly over priced. BPA free from the supermarket works just as well.”

Jessica: “I loved Tupperware but they are def slacking in their products and customer service lately. The drink bottles I have continuously leak and I am sick of replacing them. Plus the cheaper stuff is great to send to school as you don’t care as much if it doesn’t come back.”

Lee: “Not fond of Tupperware. It is overpriced in my opinion. I do have some and the lids are all torn. Spoke to a Tupperware agent and they don’t get replaced for free. I thought that was what the high prices were for. They are useless without lids. I buy Decore now if a lids breaks at least I didn’t pay a fortune for it. Glass jars when I can get them are my preference.”

Terri: “Some Tupperware stuff is awesome, some are just fancy plastic. Their change in replacement policy has put me off though.   As for ‘making money from your friend’, somebody somewhere is making money out of everything that we buy. I would rather some of those be people be my friends making money from me (or me from them), instead of it all going to a faceless entity.  I have a lot of glass in my pantry too, since it is properly mouse-proof and plastic is only a deterrent. (I grew up in the bush. Some things you just don’t forget!)”

Jessica: “I am transitioning away from plastic and getting more and more glass (pyrex). I dont trust the chemicals is plastic, BPA free is one thing but there are other chemicals too.”

Tracey: “It’s very nice stuff, but way too over priced for what it is …. Plastic to hold leftovers. The cheap stuff does exactly the same for a couple of $’s. Any party plan has many layers of people who need their cut, this gets added to the price consumers pay. It still bends in dishwasher & stains & needs replacing. Save your money & wait for the sales at the supermarkets.”

Aleah: “Have bought Tupperware, lots the lids etc or the whole container itself and so have given up. $2-$5 from any cheap shop or supermarket gives the same result and I don’t feel so bad when we lose it!”

Renee: “Overpriced and overrated in my opinion Sistema containers are great, leak-free and the lids don’t split so I don’t need to ask the company to replace them! I also love that they seem to go on special for half price regularly at Coles.”

Kara: “ I’m actually pretty over most Tupperware. I find the Decor range so much cheaper and just as serviceable, especially their strainer-deli type things. The only pieces of Tupperware I couldn’t do without are my fresh food storer things and my cheese keeper. (But unfortunately they don’t make the cheese keepers anymore so mine is fiercely guarded!)”

Carla: “I do love it. But some new stuff isnt as sturdy or high quality. And they refuse much more things under replacements need to pick up their game.”

What’s your experience of Le Tupperware?  Comment below and tell us all about.

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