Edited October 2020

Hi MamaBakers, Bec here from UnYucky Families, MamaBake’s new home, with an update to the below recipe.

I also used to do the 50/50 method (it’s even that way in the first edition of my book!) but over time I found I was always adding more flour to get the consistency right.

If you take a look here you’ll see how I do it now, basically I go 1 part yoghurt to 2 parts flour and it’s much more reliable. If it feels too dry, it’s easier to add a little more yoghurt than the other way around!

If I’m doing a bigger batch I’ll use 2 cups Greek yoghurt to 3 cups self-raising flour and that’s a perfect quantity to spread out on a standard low-sided baking tray (oven tray) and cut into slices for the family. It will make two larger round pizzas too.

Two Ingredient Pizza Dough

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