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This is an UNsponsored review.

We’ve had one hell of a week in one half of MamaBake HQ with very poorly kids – poor things.  We’ve been confined to home as they recover and the thought of taking the children out at all, let alone around the supermarket was unthinkable.  With cupboards bare, I was happy to be able to sit down and shop from my dining room table.


Here’s what I found after doing this home delivery lark a couple of times:

(I paid $8 for approximately 10km journey one way).

The Hoorays!

  1.  The delivery chap was very cheerful and told me how he enjoys chatting with the people he delivers to (hooray!) even though his manager gets peeved at him spending too much time talking (boo). He told me how, for many people he delivers to, he is the only contact they would have had for some time.
  2. With sick children this was an incredibly convenient service.
  3. I spent less than usual due to less spontaneous spending
  4. I was able to check in the cupboards as I shopped.
  5. Overall: very convenient.


  1.  The delivery wasn’t until the following day even though I put my order in at 7am
  2. Some things that weren’t there, they subsituted in wierd stuff that I would never have bought, just gone without – that’s fine but there was no option to say “no thanks” or “I’ll have such and such instead”.
  3. Once I had come to the end of the shopping process and I changed my mind on one item but had to start the whole process all over again.  Website was a little confusing at the end of the process.
  4. I have my routine that I visit and found myself missing things I would normally buy.  Not Coles’ fault.
  5. They missed three items off my shopping list and I was still charged for them.  It was only when I went back, checked my order and then emailed them that they credited me.  I recommend you check what you receive next to what you ordered and paid for.

This is an UNsponsored review.

Have you used the Coles home delivery service before?

How did YOU find it?

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