Vegan Lemon Mousse 4 Ingredients!by Karen Swan

Three years ago, I never would have attempted this recipe.  It would have been too far out from my, generally healthy, but not that adventurous, way of eating.

In the time since, I have expanded my diet to include and thoroughly enjoy these adaptations of sugar laden, sweet treats.  Actually, I would go so far as to argue that these vegan sweets seem more decadent than their traditional counterparts.  When prepare like this, you can’t help but notice the abundance and beauty of fresh produce.  Working with it to create delicious, filling and nourishing foods offers as much, if not more satisfaction than creating an incredible mud cake or rich chocolate mousse; you know you wont suffer the sugar hangover or energy slump after you’ve enjoyed your food.

Of course dates are sweet.  Very sweet.  So this is still something you would make and eat as a treat.

The hardest part of this dish, is getting over the look of it and moving spoon to mouth.  Once you do though, you will be hit with a burst of lemon flavour that is astonishing!  It’s a refreshing treat to serve after dinner, or as a sweet treat in the late afternoon.

I got three normal sized ramekins and two mini ramekins from this amount.  Honestly?  The mini ramekins were about the serving size I’d suggest, so you should expect to serve eight with this amount.

Lemon Mousse raw, dairy, egg free04


4 small, whole lemons

4 small avocados – nice ripe ones!

14 medjool dates – pitted

2 T maple syrup

Lemon zest to garnish.


Peel all the lemons, reserving the rind of one to finely chop and use as a garnish. (try and leave the white pith on the lemons, it’s rich in nutrients!)

Cut in quarters and remove all seeds

Put all the ingredients (bar the zest) in a food processor and blend until smooth.

Spoon into dishes and chill for a few hours.

Lemon Mousse raw, dairy, egg free01


*Recipe adapted from original by [Dr Gillian McKeith]

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