1.  Lice Treatment:

2. Removes sticky stuff from labels

3.  Removes chewing gum from hair

4.  Wipe along the cornice to prevent webs and spiders.

5. Great for cleaning crayons and pencil marks off walls (for those of us with mural artists as children!)

6.  A couple of drops in the dishwasher every couple of weeks will keep it smelling nice.

7.  Put a cap full in the washing.  It will maintain a clean smell, even if the clothes don’t get hung straight away.

8.  Pop a capful in a bucket of water when mopping the floors: cleans beautifully and the house smells amazing.

9. Put a drop or two in with honey and lemon tea when you feel congested.

10.  Burn it in oil burner to freshen your home.

11. Put a couple of drops into playdough to keep it fresh longer.

12.  Put a few drops on a cloth and add to the drying wash in the clothes dryer for freshness.

13.  Wipe down bathroom and kitchen benches for a fresh smelling kitchen.

14.  Add a few drops to the vaporizer when there is sickness/congestion in the house.

15.  Removes scuffs and marks from linoleum.

16.   Removes grease (works wonders on range hoods).

17.  Eucalyptus spray in the nappy bucket keeps it smelling fresher.

18.  It will get squished-in silly putty out of faux suede fabric

19. To keep rabbits from chewing anything they are not suppose to like cords and the legs of tables (they don’t like it)

20.  Blend eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and vanilla for a lovely fridge spray.

21. In spray form to freshen up a room or toilet (partically good after you have changed a nappy); it kills germs too.

22. When little people are congested,  scatter cotton wool moistened with it in their bedrooms.

23.  To get rid of the smell of vomit, add a few drops of of eucalyptus to some soapy hot water and wipe down as necessary.

24.  In the washer to rid the smell of diesel and oil off working overalls.

25.  A couple of drops on pillow for stuffy noses.

26.  Air freshener, when diluted with water and put into a sprayer.

27. To ease insect bites and stings.

28.  Homemade natural ‘spray n wipe’ for everything in the house.

29.  Add to some peppermint oil and use to put off mice.

30.  Clean marks off handbags and shoes

31.  It removes glue residues from labels eg condiment jars.

32.  For removing ballpoint pen on vinyl.

33.  Removes black grease from hands.

34. Insect repellant e.g. moths in cupboards.

35.  Use on bedding, pillows etc to help kill dustmites and relieve associated allergies.

36.  To help reduce infection and promote healing, dab wound gently with cotton wool soaked in eucalyptus oil or bathe in a warm water solution with a capful of the oil.

37.  Eucalyptus helps give soothing relief from muscular aches and pains, arthritis, sprained tendons and bruised and sore muscles. Gently massage oil into affected areas.

38.  In the rinse water (very dilute) when washing pets as a flea deterrant

39.  As a garden spray –  5mL of eucalyptus oil, 20ml of canola oil, 1 or 2 squirts of dishwashing detergent, 1 litre of water. Spray around seedlings and at the base of plants. A great deterrent  for earwigs, slugs, snails and slaters.

40.  As a carpet stain remover. Us an oil moistened cloth on spots and stains and wipe away with a clean absorbent cloth. Brush towards the centre of the mark to prevent the formation of a ring. Your carpet stays dry and ready for use. It is recommended to patch test a small area first.


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