What to take to a new mum

What to take to a new mum? It’s a question we asked our beautiful community of MamaBakers recently and we were pretty blown away by the loving, kind and considerate responses. It obviously completely depends on the mama, your relationship to her, whether she has other kids, if she has family close by.

In case, you’re short of ideas or not sure what to take a new mum friend, here are some ideas and things to think about from our gorgeous community of mamas:

“When she says she’s ready for visitors? Meals ready to go and snacks easy to store share. Hands that are truly willing to help and a mindset that will just pitch in and get things done or sit with the baby, while she sleeps.” ~ Prue Cartledge

The best thing for me was a friend who turned up, hung out the washing, vacuumed and left again.” ~Cheryl Winsley

“A hamper of her favourite things- just for her! The baby always gets everything but mum is the one who has done all the work!
A restaurant gift voucher for the parents and offer to babysit or go with them and take bubs for a long walk while they enjoy lunch.
Frozen single serve meals/snacks.”~
Emma Diffen

“Meals are the best as then you don’t need to think- and other people’s food always tastes better” ~Leah Winsley

“Fresh fruit! When I was in hospital with both my girls I loved having fresh fruit to snack on” ~Shelley Skinner

A meal or two, that can be popped in the freezer. In a dish that can be thrown out or not returned.
Some household essentials (coffee, tea bags, snacks, fruit etc).
Don’t expect to be invited in, unless she/they invite you in. 
If invited in, make her the cuppa, do a few dishes or clean the bench while you’re there. Have a hold of the baby (if offered) and hold even if he/she fusses, unless mum or dad wants him/her back. 
Have a cuppa and a chat, ask how mum is going, and listen. Then wash up the cups and leave.” ~
Krystal Zschech

When my kids were born, my friends gave me a box with ten presents: one to open each day for the next ten days. That was such a nice thing. Some of those early days can be difficult, but I really loved starting each day receiving a little gift, either for me or the baby. ~Magda Jansen 

Snacks like muffins, bliss balls. Even rocking around with essentials like milk and toilet paper so she doesn’t have to think about a trip out to the shops.” ~Kate Hunt

Food for the freezer. gift for her or bub. and if u visit you bring milk and bread etc and do dishes or sweep or make her tea. horrible to think she should feel she has to avoid people because she can’t cope with being hostess.” ~Olivia Seal

“Precooked frozen meals, frozen rolls of lactation cookies dough, a nice water bottle, snacks that are easy to eat with one hand, bamboobies breast pads, a giant size muslin wrap, lip balm, a wide soft headband (to cover I brushed hair😉), arrange a fruit box delivered to her home” ~Hayley Hamill

Some condoms filled with water and frozen for relief, some choccies, a box of boobie bikkies and a voucher for her favourite salon so she can get pampered and feel like more than just a mum when she feels the need for a break in the future and of course this comes with an offer of babysitting so she can use the voucher.” ~Lyn Schmidt

Snacks that you can eat with one hand that dont need to be heated up. If they’re breastfeeding maybe some Boobie bikkies.Tidy up, offer to do a load of washing.” ~Jodie Lee

One-handed treats and a bottle of nice shower gel.” ~Katherine Truelove Hawkins

A message asking what she needs.” ~Katrina Scott

I took a whole bunch of practical stuff. Nappies, wipes, nipple cream and shields, maternity pads, nappy bags… etc. At least they are useful in the hospital instead of having to carry big bulky gifts home.” ~Sian Elizabeth

Space until she says she’s ready for visitors” ~Jenni Zimoch

“Home cooked meals frozen to be heated for dinners” ~Alexia Mohr 

Subscription for delivered pre-cooked meals for a fortnight/month.” ~Janette Martin

“My Welcome to the World biscuits. And a meal for the freezer.” ~Christa D’Orr 

“Food. Then make her a cuppa, do some housework, and leave.” ~Sharon Lozsan 

You could also organise a meal train for her – check out out our tips here.

More ways to help out a new mum here.

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