Dudes: my amazing network of Australian children’s cooks (long day care, family day care, preschool, outside school hours care) recently started a Facebook thread sharing inspiration for sandwich ideas. Why? Because for many, their usual recipe bases of pasta, rice and legumes have become difficult because of the idiot panic buying going on (and yes, I get it, but I’m notย doing it – not yet anyway).

I offered to turn all those fab suggestions into a download, and here it is. I included a set of columns at the end about the children’s reactions, because repeated exposure is the best way to help children become confident about different foods and learn to be competent eaters. Just an idea, but it could help you in conversations with educators – or your partner – if the children aren’t keen on first try ๐Ÿ˜Ž

If you’re at home with children for lockdown, or self-isolation, or if you’re just looking for ideas for healthy sandwiches that have been tried and tested in hundreds of early childhood and school aged care services, I hope this helps.


Bec x

PS – ย Literally as I loaded this, the PM went live saying schools should stay open – and by extension, children’s services. He made a point of saying how a 4yo never gets that year of preschool again and that early childhood education was crucial. Stay calm out there, and keep sharing your problems because it really does help.ย 

Read this post if you want to know why I agree schools should stay open.

Sandwich fillings UnYucky March 2020

Creative sandwich fillings: childcare approved

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