Kitchen kids – share your story

UnYucky peoples: I need your help.

What meals have you made/do you make with the active participation of 4-7 year olds at your place?

I need submissions of dinner type meals rather than sweet baking activities (this time) but that can still be very simple food like cheese toasties, baked beans, ham salad, or pizza bagels.

Adult assistance is fine – please specify the bits you would help a child with, eg, “adult needed to remove pizza bagels from grill”.

What I’m looking for is those meals that give/gave your child a feeling of satisfaction in ‘making’ for the family.

If you share your experience in the comments here, with a recipe/child friendly instructions, and if you’re willing to have your name included in a new ebook, I will send you a free digital copy of the 200pp The Flawsome Family Mealbook, which you can to read on any screen device.

Here’s an example that Susan shared on the UnYucky Facebook page.

A little help from mum and dad, and you’ve got a family pizza night. (Image not to be shared: Susan Skermer credit)

Anton & Tj’s meat lover Pizza

Ready made pizza base
Ready made bolognese sauce
Bacon (adult to cut up) 
Chorizo (adult to cut up)
Salami (mild or hot)
Pizza Cheese (Blend of Mozzarella, Tasty Cheddar and Parmesan)
Give each child a pizza base and then let them add whatever they want from the ingredients in front of them for their own taste. Then Mum and Dad eat whatever the kids say tonight!
Cook in oven until meat cooked through and the cheese has melted.

See? Easy peasy – thanks Susan!!

Free Mealbook for you or your friends

The digital version of my book includes everything that’s in the print version. Here’s a link to the full description, but in brief, the chapters cover:

  • planning and shopping for family meals
  • preparing food fast (including slow methods that save you time)
  • kids in the kitchen
  • ways to serve meals that help ‘fix’ fussy eaters
  • 10 x dinner games that encourage family conversations (and why talk matters SO much)
  • age-appropriate clean up jobs
  • and of course, recipes.

If you’ve already got your copy of the book I’ll send you a special gift code so you can share with a friend instead.

Kids can be safe and happy in the kitchen with a little help.

If you share more than one set of 4-7yo cooking/meal instructions, you get more than one code to give away!

Post your 4-7 year old cooking ideas/experiences and instructions below or email me on before 1 August to earn your gift (and my eternal thanks).

Please share this post with any friends who might have stories to submit too.

Bec Lloyd x