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The Flawsome Family Mealbook is now available as a digital edition on Amazon in Australia, America, and the United Kingdom.

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Flawsome Family Mealbook ebook pics

The Flawsome Family Mealbook on Amazon

Why go digital?

I still buy print cookbooks but will often look up recipes online – especially if I want to get ideas for a particular set of ingredients that will save me heading out to the store (“Alexa, find me a recipe for chickpeas, tuna, broccoli, and maple syrup…”)

Printed cookbooks make me very happy. I love the colours, the beautiful spines on my bookshelf, and the way I can write notes all over the pages (highly recommended – check out page 40, That book isn’t the boss of you).

But then digital books don’t need a bookshelf at all, and you can make the font bigger if you are like me, and otherwise rely on reading glasses for everything.  You can share quotes out of digital books really easily, and bookmark pages without folding down corners if you’re the kind of person who hates that! Digital cookbooks can usually cope with a bit of splatter better than print pages, depending on the device, and you can see your Instagram notifications pop up while you’re cooking…

I read all my novels and non-fic books on my iPad because of the font upsize option, and because it means I don’t need a lamp on when I read in bed.

If I was you…

Hey, I’d get both – because you’re getting both kinds of books with The Flawsome Family Mealbook. You’re getting a cookbook and activities that you’re going to want to write on, and you’re getting a reading book full of stories and inspiration that you’re going to want to work through at your own pace, whenever you get a chance to whip the Kindle, phone or tablet out of your bag or bedside table.

If you want a great deal, head to the UnYucky shop for the Flawsome Family Mealbook Bundle that gives you an instant digital download of a PDF file (which you can share with friends – I won’t complain) as well as the (ahem) very beautiful 200 page print version.

But Amazon is a great option if you’ve either already got the print book (psst: it’s cheaper over there, because, AMAZON) and want a digital version, or you know for a fact you just want something for your Kindle or tablet.


Sally loves her digital version of The Flawsome Family Mealbook: be like Sally!


Kindle readers rejoice!

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