Change Ahoy!

The MamaBake site will now be membership based. There are two levels of membership: free and paid.

Free Membership

MamaBake is about building in-real-life and online community for mothers and so the how-to’s will remain forever free as will our support on Facebook.  There are also heaps of MamaBake’s favourite recipes still available to everybody.

When mums join the free level they will receive:

1. Our free eKick Off Guide: 3 big batch recipes, how to get started tips, a poster to print out and pin up on local noticeboards
2. One MamaBake recipe every week delivered in your inbox.

To join for free, type in your email at the top right of this screen>^>

Full Membership: $5 per month or $39.95 per year.

Full members will get:

  • eKick Off Guide
  • At least five MamaBake recipes every week
  • One themed MamaBake Group Meal Swap Plan every week: big batch meals, themed, that you can share with your MamaBake sisters, pick a meal and away you go. Takes all the planning out of it.
  • Closed forums – The Kitchen Chat: your friend at the kitchen bench. Here you will be able to:
    • Find other mums in your local area:  create MamaBake groups
    • Query ingredients and cooking/housework how-tos
    • Swap recipes
    • A closed support circle where mums can support mums around relationship/parenting issues
    • A place for established MamaBake groups to swap ideas/advice/tips
  • Your own personalised online ‘recipe box’ where you can save all your favourite MamaBake recipes
  • Full access to ALL MamaBake big batch recipes ever published.

Join here.

**Hardcore MamaBake Supporters/Contributors/Pledgers

If you or your MamaBake group has/have ever contributed to the MamaBake movement in any way e.g. submitted an article for our website, featured in the media as our representatives, tooted the MamaBake trumpet publicly with some result you will be given a free annual membership. Please email Michelle outlining your contribution:

If you pledged for us in our recent crowd funding campaign we would also like to say thank you by way of giving you one year’s full membership. This is available to the first 30 mamas who email us.

**Suspended Memberships

MamaBake will be introducing ‘Suspended Memberships’ where memberships may be bought by good hearted folk for those who are unable to pay for full membership.  Email us:

**Sponsored Memberships

If you are a business and would like to sponsor a number of memberships, please email us: Businesses sponsoring memberships will be given full sponsorship status and we will let the world know you are supporting our community. Email us for more information.

**Financial Hardship

If you would like to be a full member of MamaBake however are unable to afford the membership fee, please email us at outlining your circumstances. We have options.


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