Travelling with little ones isn’t for the faint hearted. Making it fun for them whilst still doing what you need to do is one of the biggest challenges (as well as sneaking in a nap anywhere you can!).  Moving across an airport can be tricky with a tired little one and if you’re not carrying them or they’re getting too big to carry then this chair is a MUST!  It neatly fits on to any suitcase and your wee one can hop in and enjoy being scooted around the airport taking in the view and maybe taking a snooze every now and again while you tend to all the customs business and maybe a little duty free shopping.

It’s a versatile chair, while it has been made for attaching to a suitcase for when mums are travelling, one of our MamaBake community, Sarah, also used it to take her little girl camping as a high chair.


“I was given ‘the chair’ to take traveling and we have taken it on two trips, one being a camping trip.  There was no flying involved but I can tell you that it was a life saver. We packed it up in our car (we had limited space) with the rest of our camping items and it was used the whole weekend by all the babies/toddlers on the trip. It was fantastic to be able to strap it to a big person’s chair and be able to keep the toddlers safe while we made dinner. Everyone commented on it. The other time we took it on a domestic flight to Sydney and to be able to just have it on the front of my carry on luggage and be able to feed my daughter from anywhere, anytime  – this chair was a Godsend.  I can recommend this to anyone who has a baby/toddler and is on the road, not even just for those flying.  I will be taking it camping again next time!””  Sarah Rosburg


We have three chairs to give away to MamaBakers.  Simply:

1/ like this post, and

2/ write in the comments below where you would most like to fly to with one of these chairs.

The most original answer will win.
Answers will be judged by MamaBake HQ.
Winner will be announced in the MamaBake newsletter on Thursday 12th September 2013.

Or, 25% off to MamaBakers!

Or, if you’re off to catch a flight next week and want to purchase one now, RideOnCarryOn are offering MamaBakers an extremely generous discount of 25% off all chairs.  Click here to buy one with this offer.


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