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1. How long have you been MamaBaking?

We started up our group around 9 months ago.

2. How many of you and where?

We have a core group of 3 people, with others coming and going as it suits them.  We all live in the Northern suburbs of Canberra.

3. What’s the common bond you all share?

We are all Mum’s!  We love sewing and, of course, love to cook!

4. How does MamaBake improve motherhood for you?

Having something in the freezer to pull out when you have one of those days that you know has been lovingly prepared is a God send.

5. What are your favourite big batch meals?

Honey & Dijon chicken & vegetarian “sausage” rolls were a hit!

6. Why do you MamaBake?

For the enjoyment of spending the time with friends whilst also being productive.  Plus the food.  The food is good too!

7. One tip for others thinking about starting or joining a MamaBake group?

Do it, but take the time to work out what your expectations are first.  It has taken us a few Bakes to work out how things work best.

8.  How did the group get initiated and by who? How did you/she round everyone up?

I heard about MamaBake and started talking about it non stop.  Linden and Raylee jumped on board and we eventually got started!

9. What did you cook for your first MamaBake?

I can’t remember!  There were yummy stews and devilled sausages, but I can’t remember what I cooked.

10. One thing you found challenging?

We get over ambitious!  We say we will only do one dish each, then it always ends up being bigger!

11. One thing you were surprised at after your first cook-up?

How much food there was!  It always astounds me just how much we go home with.

12.  Anything else you’d like to let the world know about your MamaBake group?

We are also meeting weekly to each sew a quilt, then once a month Mama Bake.  But its really about putting time aside for us, nurturing our friendships and just doing the things that we love.

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