When I’m not MamaBaking, I’m very pleased to be a part of the inspirational ‘Parenting by Heart Membership Program” run by parenting author, Pinky McKay.

My own journey led me to Pinky in the early weeks of motherhood, when I was feeling challenged, confused and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of conflicting information being thrown at me from every direction.  The common sense, down to Earth, ‘real’ approach offered by Pinky was exactly what I needed as I navigated this enormous life change.

The Parenting by Heart Membership Program is designed to encourage and inspire you to be the Mother you want to be, without stress, guilt or a sense of failure.

“In almost every corporate workplace, personal and professional development programs are highly regarded. Yet, as you do the most important job of all – nurturing healthy, happy little beings – it can be difficult to access programs that validate you as they inform and inspire. Often, programs that could be helpful are inconvenient, require babysitters (because babies aren’t welcome) or they are geared to professionals, so don’t acknowledge the reality of implementing strategies as you juggle the stresses and unpredictability of life with babies and small children. It is vital as a mother to fill your own tank because you can only give what you have within you – if you don’t take care of yourself, you will struggle to take care of your baby, your health and your partner relationship.” ~ Pinky McKay

The 12 week program is structured to inform, inspire and gently guide you through your baby’s first year.  You will be able to participate in monthly Q&A calls with Pinky, where you can ask any questions you have or just get a dose of reassurance that you are doing a great job! Pinky has an extensive library of recordings and interviews with professionals in infant and child health and development and mothers’ well-being, including the recorded series “Mothers Matter Too” (which I found immensely helpful!).  The program offers you the chance to join a community of Mothers free from judgement and competition, and abundant with compassion, support and respect.

MamaBake is committed to helping Mothers find the resources they need to support them, and as such, would like to extend the opportunity of joining the membership’s intensive 12 week program at a reduced rate of $47* (normally $97).

*offer valid until 12pm Sunday 30th September AEST*

For more information on the program, and to join, please visit www.parentingbyheart.com.au

Sponsored post MamaBakers.

Parenting by Heart Membership program reviewed by Karen Swan for MamaBake.

Pinky McKay, International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), runs a private practice in Melbourne specializing in gentle parenting techniques. A sought after keynote speaker and best-selling author with 4 titles published by Penguin, including her recent book Parenting By Heart, she’s an expert source for media appearing regularly on major network TV and quoted in various publications. Pinky’s books, parenting resources and her free newsletter ‘Gentle Beginnings’ can be found on her website www.pinkymckay.com.au



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